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Make any occasion special with this range of massive, 22" foil-style balloons. Each balloon features exciting, colourful designs and an integrated LED that makes those designs come to life for 24 hours.

Unicorn 22″ Foil-Style

Personalised Birthday 22″ Foil-Style

Happy Birthday Balloon at Night

Happy Birthday 22″ Foil-Style

Colour Changing Star 22″ Foil-Style

Birthday Girl 22″ Foil-Style


Our latex range includes the favourites from our core range that have been lighting up people's moments since 2008! Glowing for 15 hours and coming in a variety of designs - whether it's for an occasion or just for fun, they are sure to be a hit.

Silver Light Up Balloons 15 pack


SALE PUNCH! Colour Changing Light Up Balloons 3 Pack


SALE Princess Light Up Balloons 5 Pack


Party Time Light Up Balloons 15 Pack


Multi Mix Light Up Balloons 15 Pack